Consultant for Mental Change

My name is Christina E. Zech and I am a strategy consultant and expert for mental change. I consult personalities looking for fundamentally new approaches to their projects or business. 1st Policy Consultant for Mental Change

  • Life expectancy and health, digital networking and social systems are all demanding politics and society worldwide like never before.
  • This requires a completely new mindset for you.
  • You realize that your previous concepts are no longer sufficient. You feel that you can’t get any further with it.
  • Now you are looking for new answers to the problems of society and companies.
  • You need new approaches.

Start today. You win with my consulting

  • completely new perspectives and
  • an infinite number of new options,
  • that go far beyond what you’ve known so far.
  • This will enable you to master the challenges of our time for the best for everyone.
  • Your teams will thank you for it and
  • to break new ground with you.

What makes my consulting unique? 1st Policy Consultant for Mental Change

  • I have already experienced the eventful European history and all aspects of power in my family and thus a high awareness of it.
  • I integrate holistic innovation approaches and even music into the complex socio-political field and know the political landscape and the economy from an international perspective.
  • From my overall view, I have my eye on the essentials and develop together with you previously unknown, functioning solutions.

Have I aroused your interest? I would be happy to let you know more:

“Christina E. Zech’s powerful belief in the power of good and her wonderful talent to connect exciting people with strong visionary power to create great things is a wonderful combination! And I am always fascinated by her charisma. – Christina Zech succeeds in radiating a lot of lightness and joy in her great projects. Chapeau!” – Karin Maria Schertler, Member of the Management Board of Serviceplan AG


I write about the fundamental issues of our time and encourage effective holistic solutions. Read more in WELTSALON.



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