Consulting for Mental Change

We are currently experiencing peace and prosperity like never before. And even in this abundance social deficits arise and we are afraid of losing this abundance and even the habitability of the earth. They realize that something must change for the world to be the best for all. Consulting for Mental Change

“Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

You are looking for effective ways in which you can contribute to this with your policy or your company.

Full-service Policy and Strategy Consulting

Here I support you with new approaches:

  • Everything you need to win elections, campaigns and initiatives
  • All the new approaches needed today to cope with local and global problems
  • Develop the best concepts for problem solving
  • Gain the trust of your electorate, party and faction college
  • Enthuse people for your goals
  • In short: You get the complete support for it in my consultation.

But I can’t create the votes myself. This is where we work together:

Win the Hearts of the People

For this you will receive from me proven and up-to-date knowledge from

  • Economy and strategic planning
  • modern leadership and
  • international politics.

In that I integrate

  • my overall view across all levels
  • holistic innovation approaches
  • the specially developed Worldsalon Approach
  • Findings from Cultural and Behavioural Sciences
  • Music
  • neuroenergetic coaching.

Together we work out a clear, absolutely feasible strategy with which you can achieve your major goals.

Your benefit

For your mission you will gain

  • unprecedented clarity
  • unstoppable confidence
  • and reach your goals with an unexpected calm and speed.

In particular, my advice will help you in the following areas:

  • develop holistic and sustainable strategies
  • to exploit social development potentials
  • to reach surprisingly fast agreements between the interest groups
  • to appear authentically and charismatically in the media and in public
  • to position yourself uniquely in your field of activity
  • mental and energetic strength as a human being.

Your way: True uniqueness comes from your heart

By looking at the big picture, you become more aware of what you have achieved so far and receive a completely new orientation for your possibilities and for reaching the next level.

I will help you to recognise your highly turbulent and complex political and economic environment:

  • What is your personal inner truth?
  • What is your essence as a human being?

Starting from this inner core, we jointly develop your distinctive profile:

  • What is your best possible policy, what are your solutions for your addressees?

My consulting helps you to live your mission and to win the trust of others.

This is what I do for

  • Politicians and top managers
  • national parties and parliaments
  • multinational organizations
  • international and interdisciplinary committees.

I do this in

  • personal consultation with you
  • negotiations with all interest groups
  • Worldsalons: Workshops with the big picture in mind, tailored to your organisation or your committees.

Find out more in a free telephone call or in an on-site conversation:


“Christina E. Zech’s powerful belief in the power of good and her wonderful talent to connect exciting people with strong visionary power to create great things is a wonderful combination! And I am always fascinated by her charisma. – Christina Zech succeeds in radiating a lot of lightness and joy in her great projects. Chapeau!” – Karin Maria Schertler, Member of the Management Board of Serviceplan AG

“Before Christina E. Zech’s consulting and moderation, I had never before experienced that our government decision-makers had so open an exchange with us at a product presentation. We have learned a lot from this and the trust among each other has grown enormously.” – CEO of a government-related company in Germany

“Christina E. Zech knows very well how to depict highly complex contexts in a lively and vivid way, so that they will be remembered for a long time. I am fascinated by the power of their concrete overall view”. – Birgit Zmrhal, consultant for the best performance of executives and top athletes

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